Gerrymandering Is Ruining Our Democracy



The media’s reluctance to talk about gerrymandering, let alone address the oversized effect it has in state and federal elections, has allowed American democracy to quietly come to be much less representative. As moves construct in the back of redistricting reform, the query stays: Will television news ever care about gerrymandering?

A study conducted by Media Matters found that cable news mentioned gerrymandering in only five segments airing between July 1, 2016, and June 30, 2017.  During that identical time period, broadcast morning news and nightly newscasts didn’t speak about gerrymandering at all. And this isn’t a new trend; for years, media have shown a reluctance to discuss gerrymandering and redistricting. Given the outsized influence partisan and racial gerrymandering has on American democracy, these issues deserve more coverage.

Partisan gerrymandering is not exactly new. Since 2010, Republicans have taken it to a brand new degree. The associated Press (AP) determined that within the 2016 election, gerrymandering helped create the situations that led to “4 instances as many states with Republican-skewed state residence or assembly districts than Democratic ones.” moreover, “most of the  dozen most populated states that decide the good sized majority of Congress, there have been nearly three times as many with Republican-tilted U.S. residence districts.” As university of Chicago law professor Geoffrey Stone wrote for HuffPost, “even though partisan gerrymandering has been with us from the beginning, it’s miles now worse than ever, because laptop modeling permits legislators to layout districts that nearly exactly maximize their political gain.”

Racial gerrymandering — which involves “spreading minorities across voting districts, leaving them too few in number in any given district to opt for their desired candidates,” or “concentrating the minority vote in certain districts” — has also helped Republicans hold on to their majority. As The Washington Post’s Wonkblog explained, “Since the minority electorate leans liberal, packing minorities has the same effect as packing Democrats, causing the district map to favor Republicans in the same way it favors whites.” The New York Times’ editorial board described the radical racial gerrymandering that resulted in unconstitutional districts in North Carolina as the GOP’s “unscrupulous efforts to fence off black communities.”

As Republicans attack the heart of American democracy, media coverage has been lacking, to say the least. At the same time, activists and politicians from each facets of the aisle have been calling for impartial, nonpartisan businesses to take the rate on redistricting in the close to destiny. With momentum rising, the question stays: Will media, specifically broadcast and cable information, ever care about gerrymandering? Up to now, the answer appears to be no.

The State of Faith in Disadvantaged College Graduates

It’s 2017 and the job market is more competitive than ever, the highest paying jobs are fiercely sought after, and millennials are still struggling to find employment in top companies. In fact, the millennial unemployment rate stands at 12.7%, compared to the national average unemployment rate of 4.7%. For minority millennials, this struggle is even harder to overcome due to challenges of the very institutions they’ve placed their trust in.

For many young people in America, they’re taught that if they go to college they’ll have a higher chance, if not a guarantee, to a position at a reasonable job.  However, millennials are finding that after graduation they incur a mountain of debt, a national average of $37,172 for just the class of 2016 alone, which they expect to pay off with a job immediately after finishing school. Unfortunately, the unequal burden of missed opportunities for certain groups is causing a loss of faith in many young people today and JEE PAC has become well aware of it.

Justice Equality and Economics recently met with 50 religious leaders to discuss the threat of a mass exodus of young millennials who are losing faith in the promises they’ve been assured of all their lives. They find the mountain of debt consuming and the loss of job opportunities insurmountable. JEE PAC has urged these religious leaders to build up their communities and assist in ways disadvantaged millennials need to excel.

Many millennial groups are able to receive financial assistance from family and other resources while in college. For millennials with a minority background, this assistance might not be available or may be extremely scarce. That’s why it’s imperative for the religious institutions to understand the initiatives and goals of the JEE PAC.

JEE PAC is leading the fight toward justice and equality for American citizens who are receiving an unjust response to their ability and effort. With an educated workforce, entire communities become stronger and economies grow. But first opportunities must be available to catalyze this growth.

Justice Equality and Economics urges you to donate so we can force our municipalities to act in the interest of socially and economically disadvantaged community members. It is our mission to continue to create policies that will encourage leaders of every institution to support those who cannot support themselves. By funding our efforts, you not only pave the way to legal assistance and policy change, but your support shows the status quo is unsustainable and must be reformed.

Help us make our communities stronger by providing the faith and opportunity to educated millennials trying to find equality in business and society.



A Step Toward Change in All Major U.S. Cities

Justice Equality and Economics is an action PAC dedicated to and founded upon the rights of minorities who time and time again get taken advantage of and ignored by their own governments. We believe the rights of many go unaccounted for and these socially and economically disadvantaged groups will no longer support unethical systems. It’s our mission and goal to establish a system that holds our leaders accountable and only supports vetted candidates who hold the rights of all marginalized groups at the forefront of their campaign platform.

Justice Equality and Economics is proud to say that after months of thorough vetting and policy drafting we have successfully turned a corner in the fight toward economics. We have recently changed the policy in certain municipalities to influence local municipalities to enforce federal regulations that will benefit socially and economically disadvantaged groups.

Too often we see municipalities claim the support of minority groups but never act in their best interests. Now, we’ve ensured they enforce their resolution. Our team of attorneys and policy makers have drafted new legislation that has been approved by the municipalities and his/her council, pushing them to want to vote to change their social and economic business policy to include and assist those who are disadvantaged by the status quo. We can now expect this city to provide true opportunity to its socially and economically disadvantaged businesses and give genuine chances to those who are looking for work.

By creating a catalyst for opportunities for these groups, the growth of small businesses not only excels, but the local and state economy grows stronger as well. Interstate trade sees an influx with the ability to sell more goods, and overall debt of marginalized areas decreases. Communities become stronger and enriching when entire populations of citizens are welcomed into the business equality fold.

The work of JEE PAC is nowhere near over and we are only just getting started. We urge you to help us create the opportunities our fellow citizens need in order to join the even playing field in our nation. We’ve been marching on Washington since the era of MLK, Jr. but we are now taking matters into our own hands and changing complete legislature and policies. We’ll only allow vetted politicians who have our needs at the forefront of their mind to campaign in our communities and churches. JEE PAC invites you to join our efforts through donation so we can continue to fund the legal and business services of our organization. Be part of history with us.

Continue to check back here for updates on the next city we make leaps and bounds toward equalizing. We’re very proud of our efforts in the next announcement.