How You Can Help

Get Involved

It’s not enough to simply vow support for equal economic rights for small business owners. It’s up to civilians, other business owners, churches, and the general population to get behind these issues and lend an active hand. Here are a few suggestions for how you can get involved in moving this issue progressively forward:

For Local Community Members

The most powerful impacts begin at the ground level. Community members can support our work by attending their local municipal meetings, forging relationships with their elected officials, attending town hall meetings, press conferences, and joining unified demonstrations at other public events. 

Justice Equality and Economics is a national initiative. We rely on local community members to inform us of relevant topics and candidates who need our support. There is a strict vetting process. 

By making a donation here on our page, we can ensure that our network of reliable lawyers, managers, and change-makers is sustainable.


For Small-Business Owners

The involvement of the business owners themselves is an invaluable and vital asset to our mission. If you are a business owner, we suggest joining us in force to speak with local candidates so they can hear our demands of giving small business owners their fair share of economic activity in this environment. There is strength in numbers, and having the business owners who want and need the change on the frontline only strengthens our undertaking.

Small business owners are at the core of our work. Link arms with us as we speak with local candidates about our value-driven expectations. 

Religious Institutions

Religious organizations are critical components of this work. Candidates often request to speak with congregations to garner the trust of the community. By sharing our value-driven vetting process, we can be sure that the only candidates who get the ears of our people are the right candidates. Clergy and religious institutions can support these efforts by helping to spread our communal, unified message. We invite you to share your congregations issues, and the candidates who reach out “solve” them, with us here at JEE.  

We can support your team by helping to vet the candidates and push value-driven initiatives.

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