March For Our Lives 2018

Young people…we hear you! Thank you for representing the movement with class, grace and power! Stay the course. Avoid distractions… and #Vote2018! #marchforourlives #march4ourlives #march24th #wearejeepac #millennials #parklandshooting #parkland #columbine #greatmillshighschool #greatmillsstrong #pulsenightclub #pulsenightclubshooting #lovetrumpshate

Meet Melly Wirtes Preview

Meet Melly Wirtes…

She is a young Businesswoman, Creative, Activist and much more. Melly believes that Atlanta is its best self when there’s diversity in leadership. She wants to help the Atlanta creative community, use their talents to make a difference in how the city is ran. Lets learn more about Melly…

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Our Elected Officials Need To Get Their Priorities in Place

Publicly Funded Football Stadiums or Clean Drinking Water? Is That Really A Choice?

To our elected officials, you were were hired to promote justice , equality and economics in not just the white community, but the Hispanic, Asian, Native American and African American communities as well. But your records show your true intent, through the laws and policies you’ve passed. It was to decimate those communities.

At JEEPAC, we are here to hold our elected officials accountable . We need you to do that. Follow this link to donate your time, talents and resources today!

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