Justice Equality & Economics is a progressive research and policy organization committed to holding the local, state, and federal government accountable for socially and economically disadvantaged businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Federal laws indicate “that the opportunity for full participation in our free enterprise system by socially and economically disadvantaged persons are essential if we are to obtain social and economic equality for such persons and improve the functioning of our national economy.” 

The contract acquisition process can be frustrating and needs improvement. In doing our part, we will focus our initial efforts at the local and state levels ensuring the most immediate impact for socially and economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Using our research and vetting process(es), we seek and support political candidates who share our vision. By having an impact on our local policy, we can ensure that the access and implementation are equitable for our community.  

We invite you to join us in our work to provide equitable access to the government contracting process for small, and economically disadvantaged businesses.

Post Election 2018: How Do We Win, Regardless of the Winner

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