October 28, 2019 Miguel Lloyd

The Black Man’s Vote Is No Longer Free

In Democratic circles and in the media we’ve heard for years, the power of the Black woman when it comes to securing elections. Whether its recent elections in Alabama, Virginia or Georgia the Black woman vote has made the difference. With that said, in close elections like the Governor’s race in Georgia or the presidential race in 2016, the black male vote has gone largely unnoticed. Both races lost by the Democrats. For years no matter the party, they all ignore the African American male.

Attention Democrats and Republicans, the Black man’s vote can no longer be taken for granted. Its time to start working for their vote.

Their alliance is not with any party but with the best economic gain that allows them to take care of their family and community.

With our survey conducted, 3 in every 10 Black men surveyed would vote for either party as long as it is the right candidate. This is why in some states you are starting to see the shift. 11% of black men voted for Kemp over Abrams.

99% of the Black men surveyed indicated they would not support Trump but they would vote for the right Republican. No one seems to understand that black men just want the chance to stand up and take care of their families. Focusing on social issues alone will never be enough. There has to be a focus on the economic empowerment of the black family. Despite the past allegiances, Black men have fallen behind economically to Black women, Hispanic men & women, and White women.

Its time for a change in strategy.

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