March 30, 2018 Miguel Lloyd

Griffin Commission Discusses Confederate History Month Proclamation. Former Commissioner Talks about “Niggertown”

Former Commissioner Larry Johnson Talks about growing up next to “Niggertown”

Griffin, GA District 6 City Commissioner Rodney Mccord gets into heated debate with Griffin citizen and former board member Larry Johnson. As Mccord expresses his discontent with Mr. Johnson, current Commissioner City at Large Douglas S. Hollberg, admonishes Mr. Mccord to let Mr. Johnson speak.

Johnson continues to lecture the board on their understanding of the history of the confederacy. You can see the exchanges below.


Mr. Holberg tries to deny Mr. Mccord the opportunity to express his discontent with the proclamation.

Mr. Johnson speaks about growing up as “white trash”, living next to “niggertown”. For the record, todays date is March 30th, 2018…not 1868.

You can view the full meeting here.

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