December 4, 2018 Miguel Lloyd

Post Election 2018: How Do We Win, Regardless of the Winner

JEEPAC conversations we bring you the business leaders in our communities that are turning policy into action.

On this episode, we bring you a post election conversation from the state of Georgia. More specifically Atlanta, Georgia.

There are some that believe that the only difference between Georgia and Alabama or any other deep southern state, is the city of Atlanta. But what a difference Atlanta makes. Atlanta boasts a combination of old southern money, as well as a bourgeoning tech culture. It includes southern belles and Hotep’s. Black Conservatives and one of the largest LGBTQ communities in America. The ATL is truly a melting pot.

This episode explored an array of issues ranging from this years election, why did so many black men vote for Brian Kemp…to black colorism. You won’t be able to tear away.

Our guests are:

Yusuf Ali…40 year Entrepreneur
Eldredge Washington…Millenial Entreprenuer
Tamara Johnson Shealey…Political Aspirant, Law Student, Podcaster
Verdalia Turner…President of the Georgia Federation of Teachers
Donald “Baby D” Jenkins…Rapper and Entrepreneur
Cory Henry…Entrepreneur, S.T.E.A.M Advocate, Kemp Advocate
Richard Rose… President of the Atlanta NAACP

Sit back and enjoy this episode. But remember, JEEPAC is all about action. Visit to see how you can get involved.



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